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With the VIP Room Subscription you get everything. Everything. All the public releases, all the subscription only releases including original demos, unreleased singles and full length albums that will be unavailable to the public.

You’ll also get 20% off any physical merchandise I ever offer. ...And receive invitations to private events that will only be available to subscribers.

If you’re doing this I want you to know that I TRULY APPRECIATE YOU.

The only reason I keep making this music and art is in the hope that someone gets some good from it. I don’t need or want to get rich or famous but I spend a lot of time and money on these projects and the art in general selling some of it helps to keep making it possible.

Making it possible. You really do that. I can’t thank you enough but I will try my best. Please enjoy the music, there is a lot of archived material being released this year and new stuff as well. Share it with your friends and come see me sometime. Most of all, enjoy your lives and your families. None of us are here long enough and we need to focus on our people. Lotsa love -Jefferson

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You’re a supporterThank you!
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